Each week, I will be compiling a list of late-night comedy-related articles and video recommendations.


  • Trevor Noah appeared on NPR’s Fresh Air to talk about his career, his South African upbringing, and the way he used humor to deal with injustices of apartheid and abuse.

We’ve overcome a lot because of laughter. I think that’s why I love comedy so much, it’s because it’s the thing that has kept my family going through every single type of adversity.

  • Also, Vulture did a Q&A with John Oliver, which touched on various subjects including his life, his approach to comedy, his work on “Last Week Tonight”, and how being an ‘outsider’ has shaped his view on American issues.

However flawed that initial Constitution was — and the fact it needed to have amendments out the wazoo to make any kind of coherent sense — freedom of speech is still the best idea. I can call people chicken fuckers on television. I don’t take that for granted.

  • Finally, in article in The Verge, Eve Peyser talked about the likelihood that “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” will take over the late-night scene.

‘Full Frontal’ is still navigating three major issues: how it will produce content that will do well on the web, the fact that it airs weekly instead of daily, and how it will aesthetically distinguish itself from ‘The Daily Show’.”


  • New Jersey Senator Cory Booker appeared on the “Late Show” to spread some positivity about the state of American politics and talk about the importance of working together to find the common good. Stephen Colbert also gave a touching tribute about the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

  • On “Late Night”, Seth Meyers took a ‘closer look’ at the  debate between privacy and safety and also spoke about Donald Drumpf’s opposition of the Iraq War.

  • “Last Week Tonight” was back on air on Sunday, and John Oliver tackled the issue of unjust voter ID laws.

  • SNL has been on a roll for the past few weeks, putting out really excellent sketches. There was the hilarious cold open in which Hillary Clinton sang “I Can’t Make You Love Me” to young voters, and my personal favorite sketch so far this season, “The Day Beyoncé Turned Black”.

  • Finally, on this week’s episode of “Full Frontal”, Samantha Bee travelled to Jordan to learn more about Syrian refugees.

Stay tuned!

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