Late Night Links | FEB. 7 – FEB. 13

Each week, I will be compiling a list of late-night comedy-related articles and video recommendations.


  •  John Oliver, whose show “Last Week Tonight” returns tomorrow night on HBO, spoke to Esquire about finally doing more campaign coverage.

I think we’ll do more stuff that has to do with the process and the personalities. I don’t think we’ll do too much on the daily dramas of the campaign.”

  • Stephen Colbert‘s “Hungry for Power Games” segments have been among the most amusing highlights of late-night campaign comedy. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of watching Colbert in a fluorescent wig holding a champagne flute and dishing out political commentary, this guide is for you.
  • Seth Meyers, a New Hampshire native, talked to NPR about the primary and his late-night perspective on campaign coverage.


  • Larry David hosted SNL last weekend and, as I hoped, did some great Bernie Sanders-related spoofs.

  • Seth Meyers did some more explanatory comedy in my favorite “Late Night” segment, “A Closer Look”.

  • Stephen Colbert had a heated interview with Fox News heavyweight Bill O’Reilly earlier this week, and also proved to have excellent pun-making skills.

  • And finally, Trevor Noah got PISSED at the Supreme Court for preemptively blocking climate regulations that the President had agreed to enact during the COP21 climate talks.


Stay tuned!

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