They don’t love you like I love you: ‘Lemonade’ takes over late-night

Beyoncé’s hour-long visual album “Lemonade” dropped last week, and it’s been the object of many music-lovers’ attention. Of course, many late-night hosts were also quick to capitalize on the media frenzy.

Watch the hosts’ various hilarious attempts to bask in Bey’s spotlight:

James Corden’s monologue was a (beautifully shot) visual journey.

Jimmy Fallon told lame jokes about the album on his segment, “3 Things You Might Not Know.”

Seth Meyers showed how the release of “Lemonade” has impacted the women on the “Late Night” staff.

Jimmy Kimmel explained the drama of “Lemonade” using emoji.

Stephen Colbert reenacted scenes from the “Hold Up” music video and proceeded to ‘white-mansplain’ the album.

Finally, The Daily Show took a more political route, by talking about its musical, visual and social influence, as well as by incorporating Donald Trump into the music videos.


Which late-night show do you think made the best parody of Beyoncé’s epic album?

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