Each week, I will be compiling a list of late-night comedy-related articles and video recommendations.


  • PopMatters took a look a the “Stewart/Colbert” effect and the role those two host have had in helping to restore truth and accountability to political and social discourse.
  • “Full Frontal” host Samantha Bee talked to NPR about her new show, her thoughts on feminism, and what it’s like to be in her 40s.
  • “Daily Show” correspondent Jessica Williams has been getting a lot of attention for her segment in which she lambasted trans panic.
  • The Wall Street Journal did their own roundup of this week’s greatest late-night political satire. Check out their favorite picks.


  • Seth Meyers keeps coming through with his insightful ‘A Closer Look’ segments. This week, he focused on the lack of family leave policy in America and the role of voter ID laws in the Wisconsin Republican primary. He also hosted Senator Bernie Sanders, and talked about his appeal to millennials.

  • Stephen Colbert continues to skewer Donald Trump on the “Late Show”. He has also introduced a new segment in which he talks issues with ‘Cartoon Trump’. (what’s the difference, tbh?)

  • As mentioned above,  Jessica Williams did an excellent segment on “The Daily Show” in which she spoke to members of the trans community about how transphobia affects their lives. Trevor Noah also tackled the corruptness of South African President Jacob Zuma and the Panama Papers.

  • And lastly, John Oliver enlightened us all about the detriments of congressional fundraising in the latest episode of “Last Week Tonight.”

Stay tuned!

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