Each week, I will be compiling a list of late-night comedy-related articles and video recommendations.


  • In this article in The Brown and White, Klaudia Jazwinska talked to “Daily Show” correspondents Roy Wood Jr. and Jordan Klepper about their upcoming performance at Lehigh University, as well as their views on the growing popularity of satire amidst the current chaotic presidential campaign. (#shamelessselfpromotion)

The crazier it gets, the easier it is to write an episode of ‘The Daily Show.’ So bring on the crazy.” – Roy Wood Jr.

  • There is still a widespread opinion that Trevor Noah is not living up to Jon Stewart’s legacy as host of “The Daily Show” (even John Kasich thinks so). Mashable‘s Chris Taylor wonders what this political season would look like if Stewart was still at the helm of his old show.

What if Jon Stewart had stayed on during primary season? What if Stewart had spent every weekday night skewering Trump in his wrathful, impossible-to-ignore, Rust Belt-friendly kind of way? …. Might that have moved the needle just enough to stop his ascendancy?

  • John Oliver’s “Donald Drumpf” video is still making headlines. This week, it was revealed that the clip has received more than 23 million YouTube views, breaking the record all content produced by HBO.


  • This week on “Full Frontal,” Samantha Bee tackled the injustices of for-profit private probation companies:

  • Seth Meyers (who just became a dad!) tackled anti-LGBTQ laws and Trump’s controversial comments about abortion in two segments of ‘A Closer Look’:

  • Stephen Colbert interviewed Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who had a lot of not-so-nice things to say about Donald Trump:

Stay tuned!

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