Each week, I will be compiling a list of late-night comedy-related articles and video recommendations.


  • Plenty of SNL alums have appeared on the show this season to impersonate political candidates (Larry David as Bernie Sanders, Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, Jason Sudeikis as Mitt Romney). Darrell Hammond, who is also known for his impressions of Al Gore and Bill Clinton, talked to Billboard about how he finds his ‘inner Drumpf.’

Who wouldn’t want to be playing Donald Drumpf on Saturday Night Live?”

  • Bustle explores how — if done right — satirical, heavy-hitting election coverage (like what we see on “Last Week Tonight”) can have an impact on the current presidential campaign.

Because Drumpf appears both immune to and to enjoy the attention from shows like ‘SNL’ and ‘The Late Show’, it’s become more and more difficult for that brand of comedy to do its job and skewer the candidate in any meaningful way.”

  • Seth Meyers talked to The Frame’s John Horn about why he doesn’t shy away from hosting politicians on “Late Night,” and why discussing political issues on shows like his is not just an opportunity but also a responsibility.

I feel as though there’s a generation of people who watch ‘Late Night’ who have come up on comedians who have very strong points of views. So I don’t think they find it jarring to watch a late night show where a host does.”


  • “The Daily Show” had a really solid week, packed with plenty of excellent material. Segments varied from faith to Drumpf speeches to water crises to Trevor Noah throwing his panties at Justin Trudeau. In addition — following the trend of other late night shows — Noah introduced a new segment called “Tales from the Drumpf Archive” in which he spotlights obscure moments from Drumpf’s past.
  • In the latest episode of “Last Week Tonight”, John Oliver brought to light the secretive and corrupt nature of special taxing districts.

  • Stephen Colbert hosted Attorney General Loretta Lynch, bade farewell to Ben Carson (aka Carson Eversleep), talked about how Bernie Sanders hasn’t smoked enough pot, and expressed his dismay at the devolution of the current presidential campaign.

Stay tuned!

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