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How the internet has changed the landscape of late-night TV

Years ago, people who wanted to hear a nightly comedy monologue and see their favorite celebrities interviewed on TV had to gather around the television set and tune in when the “Tonight Show” or “Late Show” aired. If viewers missed an episode, there was little chance they would get another chance to see it, and they would […]

What it’s like to attend a late-night show taping

Over the past two years, I have had the opportunity to attend four late-night talk show tapings. Because tapings are free and usually take place in NYC, they’re the perfect outing for a cheapskate like me who lives in close proximity to Manhattan. Each show is unique, as is each individual taping. While there are some commonalities across […]

Why it’s important to spotlight non-celebrity guests

In an article published this week, FiveThirtyEight assessed Stephen Colbert‘s performance during his first 100 episodes of the “Late Show”. What Ben Lindbergh found — among other things — is that, of the three late-night shows he analyzed, Colbert has consistently featured a more high-brow, less actor-based selection of guests on his show.