Each week, I will be compiling a list of late-night comedy-related articles and video recommendations.


  • In a recent interview with The New York Times, late-night talk show host Chelsea Handler spoke out against the repetitious structure of late-night programming. In particular, she criticized Stephen Colbert for falling into this pattern.

“There are 10 or 11 guys doing what used to be done by two guys. That’s not interesting… Look what’s going on with Stephen Colbert and that show,” she said. “What is that? He’s being himself and he’s not. He didn’t go in and make a different show. He’s just following in the footsteps of someone else.” – Chelsea Handler

  • This week, in his “A Closer Look” segment, Seth Meyers came to the defense of teachers in Detroit, who have been going on strike to draw attention to the miserable conditions in the city’s public schools. The video was recognized by Valerie Strauss in The Washington Post.
  • Former SNL star Maya Rudolph spoke to Rolling Out about being a black female comedian on the show.

“Race is, weirdly, the last thing on my mind when I’m playing a character and everybody’s different. I think for some people it motivates what they do or the message they want to send or the kind of comedy they want to talk about, but for me I’ve always felt that characters have been a kind of escapism. I feel like because I was able to write or write a lot of the things I did on SNL it allowed me play anyone or anything.” – Maya Rudolph

  • In one of many thinkpieces currently being written about the topic, GQ begs the question, “What does Stephen Colbert’s ‘Late Show’ want to be?”

The current Colbert almost exists in some sort of uncanny valley—not as consistently exasperated as his old character would have been, yet not quite overwhelmingly gracious enough to make you feel like he’s fully abandoned his old persona.


  • On “The Daily Show,” Ronny Chieng reported on the consequences of American’s selfie obsession and Hasan Minaj investigated the wage gap in U.S. soccer.

  • Stephen Colbert reprised his “Hungry for Power Games” segment in honor of fallen Republican tributes Ted Cruz and John Kasich. He also portrayed “A Brief History of Laughing at Trump.”

  • This week on “Late Night,” Seth Meyers talked about the proposed Draft America’s Daughters Act, Donald Trump becoming the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, single-payer healthcare and why Detroit teachers are going on strike.

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